Did you expect a long paragraph
about how awesome we are?

we don't need it

We just do nice things. Buy them.

Choose your hero! Not bad prestylers are the main characters of this story. Matte sea salt will give your hair volume and strengthen the natural curl, while the conditioner will moisturize and give shine to your hairstyle.







The days of bearded lumberjacks fu*king around the town with an axe are long gone. 
A modern guy is looking for something simple, that works without any struggle. Just NOT BAD.


You are a man. You sweat, use styling products, worry about inflation, you're short on time, and you don't need all that useless botanical bullsh*t. You need to wash your head - so that the skin does not itch and the hair doesn't stick out. And that's it.


wash your


about us

“I like people who don't beat around the bush. They make a good job, create cool places, and memories. "

Daria Książyk


“The cosmetics are very good, personally I think the sea salt hair spray rules,

it's lit! Nice base for hair styling with a beautiful fragrance "

“I truly recommend these great products!  Finally a pomade that doesn't stick, but gives a natural texture.   Sea salt rocks, I've never used anything better. "

is on


Mattifier is a secret weapon on every barbers shelf! It's a cream prestyler
that you apply to the damp hair to
tame unruly, wild hairstyles.

its a mess.png
simple and fun
for everyone

Not Bad was created to be used with pleasure, so we're checking in person whether the packaging is comfortable and the consistency of the products makes them easy to use. We test our products on ourselves and then hand them over to our barbers for double checking.

We treat barbershops, beauty salons and their clients equally. Not Bad works well during the service as a barber, and then the client can take the products home to take good care of their hair between visits.


light pomades

thick shampoo

leave-in conditioner

containers with dispenser


natural compositions

effects visible from the first use

home and salon packaging volumes

expanding range of products
(preceded by needs research!)

wszystkie pomady.png

not bad


We don't give up on the proven and well-functioning methods - we don't want the Nobel Prize in chemistry, but to solve specific problems.


That is why each of the not bad pomades has different features, a specific finish and a unique fragrance.

We are from Wrocław.
And our cosmetics too.
We do not order ready-made recipes - we develop them ourselves. Then we produce them in a natural cosmetics lab near our town. And then we test them on barbers.
Our barbers.
balsam 15.png
olej maly kart 1.png

Products for every man's beard: from totally unshaved to shaved smooth. And all of this is so the skin does not itch, the hair does not frizz and the stubble does not cause irritation.

doesn't pinch

and chin

after big.png
after mal.png
olejek do brody 50ml.png

89 PLN

not bad
odzywka duza.png
szampon duzy.png


a collab

We are the only Polish manufacturer of cosmetics offering a full range of barber products: from classic pomades, through care products, to the entire line of beard cosmetics. And all of this on our own terms and original recipes.


If you would like to have Not Bad products in your store - contact us, we will provide you with a wholesale purchase price list!